Signs Your Roof Is Leaking in Ogden & Brigham City

Feb 4, 2023


Welcome to Easyway Window Cleaning, your trusted partner in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your property. In this article, we will discuss the common signs that indicate your roof may be leaking in the Ogden and Brigham City areas.

Importance of a Leak-Free Roof

As a homeowner or business owner, ensuring a leak-free roof is essential to avoiding costly water damage. Ignoring a leak can lead to structural issues, mold growth, damaged insulation, and even health hazards. It is crucial to promptly address any signs of roof leakage to protect your property and maintain a safe environment.

1. Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls

One of the most visible signs of a leaking roof is water stains on your ceilings or walls. These stains may appear as discolored patches that gradually grow larger over time. If you notice such stains, it is a strong indication that water is entering your property through a compromised roof.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Inspecting your roof regularly is crucial for early detection of potential leaks. Look for damaged or missing shingles, as they can create openings for water to seep into your property. Strong winds, heavy rain, or aging can cause shingles to crack, curl, or completely detach from the roof surface.

3. Granules in Gutters

If you find granules accumulating in your gutters or downspouts, it could indicate roof damage. Shingle granules protect your roof from harmful UV rays and extreme weather conditions. Excessive granule loss may reveal an aging or deteriorating roof, making it more susceptible to leaks.

4. Dripping Sounds or Water Droplets

When water finds its way into the hidden recesses of your property, it can sometimes make its presence known through audible dripping sounds or visible water droplets. These signs often suggest a significant and ongoing leak that requires immediate attention from professionals like Easyway Window Cleaning.

5. Wet Attic or Mold Growth

Regularly inspect your attic for any signs of water intrusion. A wet attic or mold growth are strong indicators of a leaking roof. Moisture from a leak can create a breeding ground for mold, which not only damages your property but also poses serious health risks.

6. Increased Energy Bills

Unexplained increases in your energy bills could be a consequence of a leaky roof. When water enters your property, it can affect the insulation and cause your heating or cooling systems to work harder, resulting in higher energy consumption and costs.

7. Sagging Roof

In severe cases, a leaking roof can cause structural damage, leading to visible sagging. If you notice your roofline exhibiting an irregularity or depression, it is essential to contact roofing professionals immediately to prevent further damage.


Protecting your property from roof leaks is crucial for maintaining its overall integrity. By being aware of the signs mentioned above, you can identify potential leaks early and take appropriate actions to mitigate any potential damage. For professional assistance and reliable roof maintenance services in Ogden and Brigham City, trust Easyway Window Cleaning.

Contact Easyway Window Cleaning

If you suspect a roof leak or need expert advice on maintaining a leak-free roof in the Ogden and Brigham City areas, don't hesitate to contact us at Easyway Window Cleaning. Our experienced team is equipped to handle various roofing issues, ensuring the longevity and protection of your property. Schedule a consultation with us today for comprehensive roof inspection and repair services.

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